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good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's friday, october 5th, 2012. right now, president obama is speaking at george mason university fairfax. it comes hours after a release of a positives jobs report. the white house issued a statement saying there's still work to be done. the u.s. economy is continuing to heal from the wounds of the recession. d to resident is expecte
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start speaking at any minute. the president's visit at george mason gives him the opportunity to court young voters. here is more of the reaction he's getting on campus. >> reporter: the president started relatively close to home at this event at george mason university. people camped out since yesterday for tickets. it's a busy day for the president with events in virginia and ohio. they are called grass roots events. h is where the rubber hits the road, so to speak, where enthusiasm is high. >> move it forward. >> reporter: it seems there was plenty of it here at this event. would it rival the levels of 2008 against the backdrop of the reality of the past four years. >> over the past four years, you know, we have seen obama do some of the things he's promised. not all of them. i would have expected more o
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environmental issues, labor issues, a variety of issues. looking at romney, there's a lot of excitement about obama getting reelected. >> there's still some enthusiasm. >> reporter: this is on the heels of the first debate between president obama and mitt romney, a debate many are saying was won by romney. >> the issue is substance over style. when it comes to the substance of it, the president's policies are p important thing. anyone can dance around like romney did and if you change your position and disown your own plan within a second of having issued it, i think it's hard to be like a moving target like that. >> reporter: t next event is off to cleveland. the president has maintained leads in ohio and the key now is to maintain the leads through the november election. at george mason university, derrick ward, news 4.
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mitt romney is visiting coal country with a stop at a machine company. romney and paul ryan were both in fisherville, outside charlottesville where they received the endorsement of the national rifle association. as we told you, today the september jobs report is out. the unemployment rate fell to 7.8% last month. it's the first time it's dropped below 8% in four years. employers added 114,000 jobs last month. we'll have more on what it means in a live report from cnbc coming up later in the show. >> turning to the weather, look at that sky. it's all blue. at least as far as i can see. i don't see any clouds out there. >> team 4 meteorologist, tom kierein, they say nothing in life is perfect. is this close?
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>> just about. better than looking at it is getting out and looking at it. i'll be out there in another half hour. you will love it. if you haven't been out yet and you step outside, low humidity thanks to an area of high pressure from the northeast coast to the carolinas to washington and back toward the midwest. there is a front triggering rain. indiana into northwestern ohio. that front will be creeping closer to us for the weekend. behind that it is much colder. in fact, northern indiana into illinois is only in the 40s. the area you see in the yellow is in the 70s. right at reagan national now, 76 degrees. absolutely marvelous with the low humidity in place. in montgomery county, low 70s. prince george's county, arlington and fairfax. details coming up.
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>> thank you. part of south lee road is closed after an early morning crash. a driver slammed her car into a utility pole bringing down live power lines. it took most of the morning to clean up the mess. the driver was not injured. the cause of the crash is under investigation. lanes will open up after noon. >> let's see if there are still trouble spots out there. >> unfortunately, seeing downed wires. this has been going on all morning. this is the north -- reporting this. all the lanes are blocked in that area because of the downed wires. i-95 southbound, a lot of people want to get out of town. as you make your way southbound, slow from 123 and delays continue as you make your way past the occoquan bridge. no accidents on i-95 at this
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time. barba barbara, over to you. >> metro ridesers you won't have to deal with a lot of track work this holiday weekend. trains single tck between judiciary square. on the orange line, they share tracks between stadium and shef cheverily. everything should be back to normal on tuesday morning. >> things are all clear in bethda after a large propane tank leak chlgt as news 4's tony tull tells us, at least three homes were evacuated. >> reporter: a simple mistake. it caused quite the reaction from the fire department. >> initially, the call came out
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of a 5 rks 000 gallon propane tank. >> reporter: after an enormous response, they determined the tank was only 1,000 gallons but still extreme. >> lower limits in the area. propane hangs low. >> reporter: residents were asked to voluntarily leave their home. by the time they got ready to leave, the propane company arrived on scene and put a plug in the vent tube, stopping the leak. >> i'm glad there wasn't a fire and combustion. >> remain on the scene with a couple units to ensure it's safe and everything is stable in the area. >> reporter: montgomery fire department says they put an elderly resident in the back of an ambulance for precaution. tony tull, news 4. now to a news 4 exclusive.
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d.c.s fire chief is trying to make major changes to the way the department organizes. they want to have fire and ems crews come in. however, try to changed the shifts earlier but drew criticism from union officials. the new changes are meant to cut down on the burn out crews feel from working 12 and 24-hour shifts. >> they get worn out if they are the only ones responding. 9:00, 11:00, 12:00 and 1:00 throughout the day to replenish the force multiply throughout the course of the day. >> the local fire union saysthe changes. a spokesman tells news 4 the plan is just what his people need to get some relief. >> a man is in serious condition after jumping from a burning three-story building.
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local 36 tweeted these photos of the fire. you can see part of the ladder was on fire. the flames broke out inside an apartment complex. the victim jumped before firefighters were able to get there. crews had to rescue three other people trapped inside. they are also in the hospital and are expected to be okay. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. this morning, police are investigating an alleged sexual assault that involved a guard at a d.c. prison. a spokesperson for the d.c. department of corrections confirmed the investigation. she would not reveal the gender of the inmate or guard or comment on the current work status. now to a developing story. public health officials warning people in the area about contaminated steroids in a deadly meningitis outbreak. hundreds, if not thousands around the country could be affected by the outbreak. it came from a medical center in massachusetts and went to
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facilities in 28 states including nine in maryland and virginia. patients suffering from back pain. doctors believe the steroid became infected. >> this is a treatable condition. we are urging people to be individual lent if they believe they were exposed to communicate with their health care provider if they think they have symptoms related to this. >> five people have died including one in virginia and nd maryland. maryland received the name of the clinics with the drug. go to and search for the keyword, meningitis. time is 11:10. how many flights have been grounded as american airlines makes sure no more seats come loose in mid flight. >> you are a phony. >> plus, she has survived her first season on "real housewives of new york." we'll have a
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israeli forces shot and killed an american who opened fire in a hotel and killed one person. the man grabbed a gun from a hotel security guard firing several shots killing a hotel employee. he barricaded himself in the kitchen and fired at officers before they killed him. he was in his 20s and a former employee of the hotel. in response to the columbia prostitution scandal, new policies in place for secret service agents. agents cannot drink within ten hours of reporting for duty and for the first time, agents must sign nondisclosure agreements. several agents were fired or resigned after they parties with
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prostitutes in columbia last april ahead of the president's visit to that country. if you have a flight booked on american airlines, check the status. they are cancelling 44 flights for seat repairs. they grounded 48 planes to make repairs to seats. 50 flights had to be canceled yesterday because of the same problem. 40 are back in service. initially, a faulty clamp was blamed for the problem. a combination of wear and tear, design or spilled soda caused pins to get stuck in the open position. all planes should be back in service later today. tom joins us with a look at the beautiful forecast. will it last through the weekend? >> we are flying high. >> it might get to around 80 or so. it's the last time this year it will be that warm. a big change is on the way. it's certainly going to be feeling and looking like autumn the next couple weeks. it looks like autumn around the
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region. this photo sent in from a viewer of an eastern shore scene as they were traveling along, gorgeous blue sky and that is a soybean field turned gold in the autumn. isn't that gorgeous? it's not just the trees that change. the corn stalks that turn beige and the individual trees are turning color. now, on wednesday, i traveled to montgomery county elementary school and talked with these budding meteorologists. these are kindergarteners. i talked to them about different types of weather and we had a lot of fun. they have already had a unit on weather in kindergarten. i wanted to thank the teacher on the left for the invitation to talk to these terrific students in montgomery county. as we look now at the sky, we are watching, still the trees are green along the potomac river. there's the washington monument.
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76 at reagan national. dew point is a dry 68. temperatures low and mid-70s across most of virginia, maryland, the bay, earn shore, the bay waters, the gorgeous blue from the blue sky. shenandoah valley, there's peak autumn color in western maryland, the high lands in east and west virginia where the temperatures are in the 60s. here's the wide view. this front is bringing the big change coming our way. behind this front, temperatures are only in the 40s from indiana up into michigan, northern illinois, wisconsin, even getting a little bit of snow out here in nebraska. this chilly air is coming our way and as we go forward over the next couple days, the rest of the day today and tonight, lots of sunshine this afternoon and a clear sky tonight. then, on saturday, this is saturday morning, this is the leading edge of precipitation
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along the front. rain moving into the mountains. during the afternoon, we may get a line, a fast-moving line of showers moving in late afternoon or early evening saturday. behind that, a lot of cloudiness and rain likely. light rain and chilly during the day sunday. sunday night, we clear out. we'll have a cold start to monday. but, for this afternoon, feeling warm and comfortable with low humidity. temperatures in the low 80s by early afternoon. upper 70s by late afternoon and early evening. sunset 6:44 under a clear sky. if you are going out, high school football games going on. great weather for that. clear and mild. 60s by midnight. the 50s by dawn saturday. sun tomorrow morning, clouding up in the afternoon. maybe a quick passing shower late afternoon or early evening. sunday, for the skins game, it's going to be chilly rain with occasional showers and highs only in the 50s.
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big, big change from today. then monday morning, cold. only near 40 degrees. afternoon highs near 60 on columbus day. lots of sun gets more rain on wednesday. >> wow, it's going to feel like fall. >> it is. >> i like the rain. number one running team in football. >> staying inside watching the nats. >> wear your pink on sunday. we'll tell you why. thanks, tom. we are going to check on the midday traffic. >> danella sealock, what is the latest? >> we have a couple things to look out for on the beltway in virginia. on the inner loop approaching braddock, a disabled vehicle, but the travel lanes are open. coming from braddock road on the outer loop, the cones are up blocking the two left lanes. volume is light in the area. it's not bad as you continue toward the interchange. i-270 clear in both directions. in fact, nossues between
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germantown and the beltway. the beltway is clear to i-95. 58 miles per hour on the inner loop. over to you. >> thank you. still ahead on news 4 midday, a new nose without surgery? we'll tell you about a new procedure. plus, why the redskins are pretty in pink against the atlanta falcons. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it!
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this weekend, fans attending the redskins game will be welcome be tonja snyder, she's going to distribute pink ribbons and breast cancer awareness
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materials. it's at fedex field an redskins fenway park. she joins us to talk more about the campaign. good morning and welcome back. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> we love having you here, especially to talk about what's happening this weekend. all this including the pink shoes. the team is going to wear those? >> yeah. how about this. we have quite a foot here. all the players. >> that's amazing. tell us about your involvement. we know you have been involved in this whole effort for breast cancer research since 1999. at the time, the redskins were the only nfl team involved. why has this been so important to you? >> having the opportunity to be part of such an amazing franchise, we are 80 years this year. it's a real honor. having the redskins on a platform, i'm one of four girls with a mom. i have always believed in the cause. having the opportunity to the redskins to speak out and talk to other women about, you know,
11:25 am
a cause that really exists very much so. i took advantage of that opportunity. we have grown every year and we are now close to, after this game, 1 million ribbons the redskins alone have handed out in the month of october since 1999. >> there are few of us who have not been touched by breast cancer. my mother is a breast cancer survivor. there's so many of us who want to participate, this is a way to do it. >> that's not a pink football, is it? >> no. it has a ribbon on it. >> it has a ribbon on it. these are some of the things people will be able to see the skins wearing and that they will be able to buy to participate. the money goes to -- >> the american cancer society. and for the cause of breast cancer. >> show us what you brought with you. >> what is a better statement on the field than 300 pound
11:26 am
linemen, we have gloves, caps, wristband towels. we have the shirts. you'll see goalposts, even the refs on the side will have pink, the coaches. it will be a sea of pink throughout the stadium. in addition, we'll be at the gates handing out at least 800,000 pink ribbons this game alone. >> i think you have one for me, too. >> i do. >> it's fantastic. i don't know if they can see it, i'll put it on while we talk some more. will we see pink all over the nfl this weekend? >> the first two, the two home games in the month of october will be breast cancer awareness games. if it's away, it will be the second game. the first two games you will see. >> earlier this week, you had an all-star survivor. tell us about that. >> it is on opportunity, chris cooley started the event after
11:27 am
his mother found out she had breast cancer. she was having a difficult time. learning from that experience, he wanted to pull her with other women together and really take a very special day to make a difference in their lives and make them not think about everything that was going on. it started out with hair. you really wanted to do something with hair and wigs and we had make up. it was a fabulous -- it was a fabulous thing. >> how many? >> 20 participants. >> wonderful. i cannot let you go without talking a little bit about the team. are you excited about this season? >> oh, my goodness, yes. robert griffin is a fabulous addition. i think everybody is excited. >> have you met him? >> him and his family, his f fian fiance. he's first class all the way around. smart and disciplined. i think everybody in the redskins world is happy to have him on board. >> undefeated team.
11:28 am
we are pulling for everybody and rg iii will continue to impress us all. >> i think so, too. >> you are going to come back? >> definitely. >> i have invited you a few times and you always said yes. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> thank you. it's 11:28 now. coming up in a half hour, a raccoon invasion. a group of residents are fed up. tom kierein is back with when we could see rain this weekend and we are joined in the studio by a real housewife of new york. a businesswoman and mom is dedicated to
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right now on news 4 midday, president obama is in northern virginia speaking at george mason university. after that, he will head to ohio and speak to students at cleveland state university this
11:32 am
afternoon. >> mitt romney is speaking at a small machinery company at a coal company right now. it's the gops second day in the commonwealth. he will be in florida later today, another crucial swing state. foul play may be involved for the disappearance in a teen. police officers and a helicopter crew searched for any sign of brian glen. he was last seen dropping off his brother at high school month morning. shortly after, he was at a nearby dunkin' doughnuts. aside from the search, detectives are going through his cell phone and computer for any hints on where the teen might be. some students at the university of maryland say bedbugs are back and causing problems in their rooms. we saw the bites and marks the
11:33 am
bugs are leaving. they have complainted to management about the pest problem. the company who owns the building hired exterminators. for now, the students have to deal with the bugs every night. >> nothing we can do. i mean they haven't offered for us to live anywhere else. we live out of garbage bags and get bid every night. we hope the exterminator works. they haven't given us other options. >> a letter was sent out to students living there. they tested for bedbugs before the semester started and advised them to fill out a maintenance request if they find more bedbugs in their room. a raccoon invasion is forcing them to stay indoors. one homeowner fed up at the building on walter reed drive sent us these photos. they have been complaining about
11:34 am
someone feeding them. raccoons have been around way too long. they no longer fear humans. they are a nuisance and a danger. >> we can't sit outside on our balcony and enjoy the outside without them literally coming up on to the fence and into our space. one of our neighbors as cats. i think there's been a couple events where cats have gone missing. >> homeowners say the raccoons have been a problem for about two years. we are going to head outside and check in with tom kierein who has a chance to get out there in the sunshine. >> a good day to be outside on the weather deck. >> this may be the last time you see me out here without a coat on. this is going to be the last day we might get up to 80 degrees probably this year. right now, plenty of sunshine and gorgeous blue sky over washington. there's the live view from the nbc 4 city camera and as we look
11:35 am
at what's been happening over the last 12 hours, area of high pressure pushed in. look to the upper left of the screen. it's a front triggering rain in northwestern ohio. behind the front, it's only in the 40s now. ahead of that front, those areas in the orange, well, they are near 80 degrees, parts of virginia, southern maryland. reagan national now at 76. later this afternoon, yeah, we might get into the low 80s for a time this afternoon. overnight tonight, a clear sky, great weather for the high school football games tonight. good weather for the high school and college games tomorrow. outdoor activity. highs reaching mid-70s, might get a shower in the afternoon. then autumnal weather an ex week. it's the way it looks. >> see you shortly. two food festivals are happening this weekend. the taste of d.c. kicks off tomorrow. more than 50 restaurants are taking part in the festival on
11:36 am
pennsylvania avenue between the white house and the capital. ben's chili bowl will hold off the chili competition. admission is $10. all restaurants have at least one taste item for $3 or less. tomorrow marks the 23rd annual taste of bethesda. admission is free. taste tickets are sold on sight in bundles of four for $5. let's check in on the midday traffic now. danella sealock, what are we snacking on at this point? >> oh, keith, we are snacking on an accident. not a good snack. not good at all. the inner loop you have a tractor trailer accident. it's moved to the shoulder but you still see delays at 18 miles per hour as you travel on the inner loop. taking a look at i-95 southbound, everybody wants to get out of town.
11:37 am
delays at 123. you are sluggish to dale city. no accidents. back to you. >> all right. thank you. the real housewives of new york just wrapped up season five among this year's cast, heather thompson, a businesswoman and mother of two. she joins us to dish about the real housewives and a cause close to her heart. >> good to see you. >> great to see you, too. you are here with us in washington. >> yeah, what a gorgeous day in d.c. >> it's probably nice in new york. >> i'm enjoying me some d.c. >> how did you enjoy your first season of "real housewives of new york"? >> i did enjoy it. >> it is an opportunity that comes to a few people in a number of cities. how did they find you and why did you say yes? >> it's not an easy decision to say yes. i did soul searching.
11:38 am
i like to be in control. they found me through my grand yummy and what i have been doing. i work for beyonce and jennifer lopez. i have a name in the industry. they were looking for real businesswomen. i said yes for that reason. it was a great platform for my brand and for my causes. >> tell us the real story. people are always fighting on the show. is that for real? >> it is. it really is. they throw us together and they put us in scenarios that are organic. i say if we were having lunch and the waiter spills a pot of coffee, it's organic. oh my god, whatever the reaction is. they might tell you to pour the coffee on your lap. the reaction is real. >> the other person doesn't know what's going to happen? >> exactly. yeah. yeah, yeah. >> interesting.
11:39 am
they have to create it. >> some of us get along too well. >> do you think you are going to do a second season? >> i'm going to finish the first one. we have the reunion coming up the next two mondays. we are on the couch for the reunion. i'll think about the end before new beginnings. >> in the final episode, you put on a fashion show to raise money for organ donations. tell us about that. why is it a real cause for you? >> because my son had a liver transplant at six months old. we were fortunate enough to get donated organ. he is a healthy, driving 7-year-old now. we could have never done it without the hero, the donor. we are at a major shortage of organs. people do die from accidents every day. you don't need your organs when you go. please leave them here for us. there's plenty of us who need them.
11:40 am
>> any of us that have been waiting for an organ donation unt understoods what it's like. >> the show has been great. i have over 300 people show me pictures of their licenses. a lot of it, people don't know. it's education. >> tell us about yummy. >> yeah! >> your brand. >> rocking it right now. >> so many colors. beautiful colors. it's a feel good brand. it's an encouraging brand for women. it's not occasion shape to pour yourself into it for a wedding or reunion. it's every day dressing to keep things looking tight and right. >> everything from panties to slips and bras. >> gorgeous, beautiful, intimate appar apparel. >> does beyonce wear them? >> yeah. after her son was born, she wanted it. beyonce has always been a great
11:41 am
supporter. >> you have a lot of supporters. we all want that. thank you so much for coming. it's great to see you. good luck if you do decide to do another season, i'm sure you will add a lot to it. i'll know if somebody spills coffee. >> thank you so much. >> it's 11:41. still ahead on news 4 midday, a look at how investors are reacting to
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11:44 am
the u.s. unemployment rate has fallen below 8% for the first time in four years. let's check in with cnbc. we are joined live with that and the rest of the days business headlines. hi. >> hi, barbara. it's safe to say the jobs report is the talk today for good reason. businesses added 114,000 jobs in september. it's beating expectations. average earnings and hours worked rose slightly. the one number that is most important is the unemployment
11:45 am
rate coming in at 7.8% for september. the first time it's been below 8% in 44 months. it's enough to counter the number of part time workers that wanted full time jobs rose 7.5%. markets are pushing slightly into the green edging up on a yearlong rally. the dow is up 54 points. nasdaq up 6 and s&p 500 rising five points in this day's trade. following august statistics, it went back and revised the numbers. data shows july and august added 86,000 more jobs than originally thought. regarding the election, one more jobs report before the first tuesday in november. strategists say today's numbers are the most important. barbara, back to you. >> we'll see how wall street ends the day with the great numbers. thanks a lot. have a great weekend.
11:46 am
keith? >> botox and other fillers are used for nose jobs achieved without surgery. last time you talked surgical nose jobs, now you are talking non-surgical. less expensive and less recovery time? generally, something that is not permanent. who gets these nose jobs? >> on the last segment we talked thousands of nose jobs in this country. the newest twist is the use of the botox and fillers to create nonsurgical rhinoplasties. these techniques work well and nonsurgery. >> what can we see by the before and afters? >> we missed the first couple
11:47 am
slides, but the technology is the use of botox as well as fillers. there's a little dip. you can fill this in. it's helpful for noses that have been done before. they require a little tweaking, rather than the operating room, you can use these techniques that are non-surgical to improve those imperfections. >> a lot of people complained about the surgical nose jobs because it's not what they wanted or what they invisioned. the surgery, after they have it, they are like whoa, it's not what i had in mind. >> sure. >> these seem to be, even if it's not what you wanted, it wears off and you can try it again. >> you will need to do it again, in six to 12 months. they are not permanent corrections. it's a positive thing. it's not something you really like. it's going to disappear. of course, people don't like coming back and repeating
11:48 am
things. >> are there any risks? >> there are risks. the biggest risk is, certainly, you don't like the way it looks. there can be bruising. the big risk is infection. you really need, this needs to be treated as a surgical procedure. it's not something that should be done in a spa, it needs to be done by a surgeon who understands the anatomy and knows sterile technique. there's been devastating infections from fillers and injections. it's not surgery, but it is invasive. >> you need to have someone do it. you can't go out there and deal with the person who is experimenting. >> right. i think it's really important. we saw a couple of the -- this is the botox. a couple slides show the results of some of the infections which can be serious scarring that can't be corrected. >> one of the things we spoke about is people need to understand, this is merely about
11:49 am
contouring or shaping. i asked you what i thought were common sense questions of can you make the nose smaller and can you make the nose bigger? >> good questions. it's a little easier with these techniques to make the nose larger, fill a bump, fill a hump, create a hump, than it is to make the nose smaller. it's more important -- it's easier to make it straighter than reduced in size. it's a good point. if the nose is large, they are going to need the traditional rhi rhinoplasty techniques. >> $1,000 to $2,000 treatments depending on how much filler is used. local anesthesia you can return to your normal activities in two days. >> he knows his business. thanks for stopping by. >> thank you. the time is 11:49. coming up, a weight loss war. we'll tell you the celebrities
11:50 am
who are feuding about it. plus, meteorologist tom
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11:52 am
11:53 am
a big debate taking place in d.c. this weekend tops the mcfly report. tommy mcfly is here with a preview. welcome. if it's friday, it must be mcfly. >> exactly. >> let's start with the jon stewart/bill o'reilly debate. >> it's going to be very much like when steven colbert did his thing on the mall with jon stewart. it's to poke fun and have a good time. >> who is the moderator and is he going to be awake? stewart got help preparing for the debate, from who? >> steven colbert had his back.
11:54 am
>> let's listen to what he said. >> wow, that was a great opening. that was fantastic. >> you just lost, jon. never compliment your opponent. always be attacking. >> think somebody listened to that advice. >> absolutely. >> the thing is between o'reilly and stewart, they are both smart. they have great points to make. it's going to be a great show. on top of great pundits, they great showmen. >> always be attacking. >> you can pay to stream it online. i'm going to do that. >> dune where that money goes? >> to charity. >> let's move to the "american idol" drama. what's going on? >> they are trying to get people to watch. >> is that what it's about? >> i think so. >> tell us about the drama.
11:55 am
>> a video surfaced on tmz of those two freaking out. if you have been in an audition situation, they strip everybody of every device. there's talks it might have been a little bit staged. "voice" judge cee lo green said it looked staged. they are trying to create controversy. one showed something to something. >> someone said something about someone's something. if it was a legitimate thing. now everyone wants to check it out. >> they have real competition in the music field. >> nbcs "the voice" is where it's at. >> did it work for them? celebrity war of words on weight loss. >> jennifer hudson was the former weight loss spokesperson now jessica simpson is. take it as you will, hudson lost
11:56 am
80 pounds and simpson lost 40 pounds so far. there's reports hudson called simpson's a joke. >> she should be supportive. >> wilson, you talked to her. >> she's the star of "pitch perfect." how she got into acting, she was an ambassador for australia in africa and got malaria. the malaria meds made her want to be an actress. >> i was in the hospital getting treated. because of all the drugs, i was an actress. i won an academy award. instead of giving an acceptance speech, i did a rap when i got out of the hospital, i was saying to people, i'm going to become an actress now. >> i wish we could all say that and it would happen. >> if you saw her rap earlier this week on ellen degeneres. >> great to see you. >> you, too. >> see you next friday?
11:57 am
>> absolutely. >> keith? >> let's look at the stories we are following on news 4 this afternoon. pat lawson muse with a preview. >> summer is over, but the price of gas is on the rise jumping nearly 20 cents a gallonover night. in los angeles will the same thing happen in washington? chris brown released a video saying he's caught in a love triangle with rihanna and his recently dumped girlfriend. is this a pr move? we'll explore that. a local family inspired about a story on the "today" show that gave a little girl the independence she needed. now, the little girl has a special service dog. >> keith? >> i can't wait. time for a final check of the forecast. tom? >> with pleasure. what a gorgeous day we have under way. low humidity in play. lots of sunshine. there's a front that is getting closer to us. that front is going to begin to move our way by later this
11:58 am
afternoon and we'll have a clear sky tonight. as we get into tomorrow, that's when we have the possibility of an afternoon shower and rainy, wet sunday only in the 50s, i'm afraid. >> well, wear your pink anyway. be sure to remember to get a mammogram. i promised her i would say that. >> go nats. >> yeah. >> double the trouble this weekend. that's news 4 midday. tune in at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for the day's news. we'll be back for
11:59 am
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